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LogMeIn Rescue

Remote support has never felt closer

LogMeIn Rescue

Securely connect to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at anytime

Rescue scales to deliver flexible, reliable remote support no matter how big your business is – or how fast it grows. Its about more than tackling tech issues. Its about saving time and money, and boosting efficiencies across your company, just like these Rescue customers.

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With LogMeIn Rescue you have:

Multi-Platform Support: Rescue can support any device — from desktop to mobile, Mac to Windows. Just swoop in and start solving.

  Multi-Session Handling: Optimize your resources, remotely support more users simultaneously by toggling between up to 10 sessions at once, and save time while multiple support processes run.

  Instant Chat: Communicate with end users in a seamlessly branded experience where they already are — on your website. And chat pre-session to qualify the level of support needed with no app download required.

  Reboot and Reconnect: Reboots are almost always necessary while troubleshooting. During a Rescue remote support session, you can reboot instantly and reconnect immediately, even if devices are unattended or in safe mode.

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Orthology aims at ensuring the security and availability of data and information of every business

All we talk about today is security, from cyber security to data security or end point security.


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Working closely with the client

We are here to help you manage your entire IT infrastructure in an efficient, secure, and cost-effective way.

Find out what we can do for your business with regards to management. Call us for a free consultation!


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