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GFI HelpDesk

Manage support issues with an all-in-one helpdesk

GFI HelpDesk

Support tickets, knowledge base and chat in one integrated helpdesk solution

GFI HelpDesk is self hosted service desk software that consolidates and integrates support functionality. Customers can easily log tickets through email, chat or other applications

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With GFI HelpDesk you can:

See, create, assign and close support tickets. People inside your company can collaborate through helpdesk notes to solve issues.

Create rules for automatic responses or routing based on ticket properties, ticket content, the type of customer and more.
 Bring together every interaction your customer has with your business. You can log page views, orders, shipping history, and help desk searches, or capture events from your own product, app, or service and see it all in real-time.

Know so much more about your customers. This makes the support experience richer for the customer and easier for your team.
Get standard and customizable reporting - GFI HelpDesk comes with comprehensive standard reports and customizable report functionality to deliver insights on your customers, products and services, and support response.

 Create your own knowledge base - Generate and add to a library to help your customers answer their own questions with standard information, how-tos, and instructions.



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