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GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

Secure file transfer solution that streamlines the exchange of data between systems, employees, customers, and trading partners. 

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

GoAnywhere MFT automates and encrypts file transfers using industry standard protocols (e.g. OpenPGP, AES, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, AS2, and HTTPS). 

With full audit trails and reporting functionality, GoAnywhere can help organizations comply with strict compliance regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and the GDPR.  This innovative solution will reduce costs, improve the quality of your file transfers, and help your organization to comply with data security policies and regulations.**Ranked #1 in 2019 report from Info-Tech Research Group for MFT Solutions**

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With GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer you can: 

√ Server-to-Server Automation: The intuitive interface and extensive workflow features in GoAnywhere MFT help eliminate the need for traditional file transfer scripts, single-function tools and manual processes

Person-to-Person Collaboration: GoAnywhere MFT allows your employees, customers and trading partners to efficiently share files and collaborate from any authorized computer or mobile device using intuitive screens and apps

√ Secure Folders: GoAnywhere MFT offers an intuitive HTTPS Web Client that allows employees, customers and trading partners to quickly transfer files between their desktop and your server using the convenience of their web browser

√ Secure Mail: Secure Mail allows employees to send confidential messages and files as secure HTTPS links using the convenience of Microsoft Outlook or an intuitive Web Client

√ GoDrive: GoDrive provides Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) for your employees and partners. Files and folders are easily shared between users with advanced collaboration features

√ Secure Forms: Allow end users to fill out custom forms with one or more input values and optionally upload files through the HTTPS Web Client in GoAnywhere. When a form is submitted, a workflow can be executed to automatically process the submitted values and files

√ Centralization and Mobility: GoAnywhere MFT integrates with HelpSystems Insite, a secure web platform that gives HelpSystems customers a centralized view of product performance. Users can create dashboards for visibility into key business analytics and switch between products with ease

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