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Lepide Data Security Platform

Lepide Data Security Platform offers a simple, cost effective & scalable means of auditing & monitoring changes made to Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, SQL & SharePoint.

Lepide Data Security Platform

Lepide allows organisations to keep track of file and folder level access, modifications and permission changes.

It enables organisations to improve security, meet compliance, and address systems management challenges. Over 270 pre-set reports and real time alerts ensure you have complete control of your entire IT environment.

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With Lepide Data Security Platform you have:

Intuitive Dashboard
√ Quickly identify changes made to Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, File Servers, SharePoint and SQL Server
√ Instantly see a summary of changes made per administrator, source and trend to help you identify change / event anomalies
√ Easily organise changes by criticality or source

Granular Reporting
√  Easily see what’s changed with a single log for a single change
√  Instantly give context to changes with before and after values
√  Effortlessly find the report you need with over 270 pre-defined reports for systems management and compliance

Real Time Alerting
√ Instantly receive alerts when specified events occur
√ Quickly identify anomalies with threshold alerting
√ Easily set-up real time alert straight to the app, console or a specific email address

Delegated Exchange Reporting
√  Meaningful utilisation reports
√  Granular mailflow reporting

Roll Back Changes
√ Instantly roll back changes made to Active Directory and Group Policy with a single click
√ Leaves everything exactly as it was before the change

Mobile App
√ Instantly see changes being made with LiveFeed
√ Designed to work on any Apple or Android zenabled device

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