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GFI Archiver

A complete & secure archive of all your companys emails


GFI Archiver

GFI Archiver provides you with a complete and secure archive of all company email

while reducing message store size and improving Exchange performance. All of your emails are stored automatically in a central, secure environment in which you can have access quickly and easily. Mailinsights reports helps you identify and resolve possible business issues.

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With GFI Archiver you can have:  

  Automatically archive email into one central storage: Move old emails into a database and keep your mail server performance high and email stores compact. No need to create and roll over to new archive stores based on SQL Express and NTFS. The automatic archive management feature ensures that data rolls over to a new archive automatically at a time defined by the administrator. 

  Access archived emails from anywhere:Users can access their archived email from anywhere in the world, using a browser. Email that had been deleted may also be seen (and restored).

  Reduce email storage requirements: Compress (and decompress) attachments on the fly, making better use of storage resources as compared to storing attachments in the Exchange stores. 

  End the PST nightmare: Eliminate the need for users to archive their mail in PST files on local hard disks by giving them the power to browse and retrieve past email from the database, rather than having to dig through a store of PST files on disk to find a particular email.

  Support for virtual environments: Support and run on the most common virtualization technologies in use, namely VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server and Microsoft Hyper-V.

  One-click restore a single email to a mailbox: By simply clicking on a button, the user or the administrator can restore an email to a user’s inbox in its original format. GFI Archiver restores any archived email (even deleted email) and these are re-sent to the user as an attachment.

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