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What is GDPR?

It is a new regulation which aims to strengthen data protection rights for individuals within the European Union. It replaces the 1995 directive and aims to future-proof data protection in the EU, whilst also unifying various national laws. The GDPR will also apply to non-EU organisations which process data of EU residents.

When will these changes take place?

From 2018 onwards companies should use state-of-the art security to protect personal data

How can we help you get compliant?

Orthology & IT Governance initiated a cooperation and have a main goal: the management of GDPR projects from start to finish and delivery of a complete solution to you and your customers. Our professional services include consultancy, staff awareness, technical services and training, based on international best practices and regulations. Learn more

Orthology also distributes a variety of security solutions that help your company comply with GDPR while ensuring that your data is secure 


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Working closely with the client

We are here to ensure you select the right solution for enforcing your company's security policies and demonstrate compliance with GDPR regulations.

Find out what we can do for your business with regards to GDPR. Call us for a free consultation!


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