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Solarwinds Endpoint Detection & Response

Prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing threats

Solarwinds Endpoint Detection & Response

Solarwinds Endpoint Detection & Response helps MSPs prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing threats

—and recover quickly when ransomware or other exploits strike.

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SolarWinds Endpoint Detection & Response offers you:

√ Near real-time file analysis: The system can analyze files continuously, replacing time-intensive recurring scans.

√ Signatureless approach: Fight back against the latest threats without having to wait for daily definition updates.
√ Offline protection: Artificial intelligence data is stored on the endpoint to keep it protected while offline—and to help you avoid waiting for signature updates, or waiting for the endpoint to connect to the cloud to check against reputation scores.

√ Behavioral artificial intelligence engines: Harness eight AI engines that analyze multiple data points to identify threats and determine if a response is necessary.
√ Near real-time alerts: Discover threat activity quickly with alerts whenever a threat is detected or neutralized.
√ Easy-to-use dashboard: View threat information at a glance via a single view that includes quick links to key remediation actions.

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