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Provide employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, during the current Health Crisis

√ Enable remote working instantly to ensure business continuity

Use your existing devices to access work desktops, applications, and files - including tablets and smartphones
Easy to deploy, configure, and maintain, without the need for expensive add-ons or third party expertise
A cost-effective solution that enhances data security

parallels remote working
keriocontrol remote working

Kerio Control with VPN free for 3 months as companies manage remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic

 A virtual private network (VPN) lets remote workers operate inside your corporate network as if they were inside your office building

 If your team is working remotely, they may still be able to access cloud-based applications. However, it may be challenging or impossible to access corporate data and files. This is by design; you don’t want your most important data to be compromised

 Kerio Control is your network’s connection point as well as secure firewall defender. Remote workers download or receive a simple Kerio Control VPN client to install on their devices they use to connect to your network. With the client and their credentials, employees create the secure pipe into your network.

Maintain Data Security With Remote Workers 

Lepide Remote Worker Monitoring Pack provides you with:

√ Screen Recording of Remote Workers

√ Monitoring of Employee Interactions With Data
√ Alert on Anomalous User Behavior
√ Detection and Response to Threats
√ Auditing and Monitoring of Logon/Logoff Activities
√ Self Service Portal for Active Directory Password Resets

lepide remote working
teamviewer remote working

Work from anywhere, at any time, and stay safe. Ensure business continuity through online collaboration.

 Don’t worry about device compatibility such as connections between Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

√ Establish a secure connection to your remote desktop with just two clicks. Work with the fastest and most reliable solution on the market.
√ Experience great performance – even on low bandwidth and almost no lag time on screen refreshes.

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