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Exinda Network Orchestrator

Ensure quality of experience for your critical network applications

Exinda Network Orchestrator

Exinda manages network performance by letting you focus on how users experience their critical business applications

Deliver better quality of experience with Exinda’s intelligent recommendation engine and powerful actions like traffic shaping, network monitoring and WAN orchestration…all in a single, easy-to-use solution.


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With Exinda Network Orchestartor you can:

Ensure Reliable Application Performance: applications perform as promised and user complaints drop by 75% or more

Identify and Control Bandwidth Hogs: recreational traffic like streaming video and P2P file sharing is easy to monitor and control

Monitor and Understand Network Activity: deep insight into users, devices, applications and activities

You also have:

Real Time Monitoring: Gain insight into how your strategic applications are performing and the amount of bandwidth being consumed by all users, applications, locations, and devices across the network

Policy Based Shaping: Prioritize how and when users, applications, and web sites can consume bandwidth on your network

 Interactive Analytics: Analyze and inspect application traffic at layer 7 to troubleshoot issues when they arise

Application Acceleration: Ensure your key business applications always deliver the experience users expect whether they’re on premise or in the cloud

Purpose Built Reports: Take advantage of a complete library of reports designed to address the most important problems Network Managers face

Predictive Recommendations: Discover business impacting problems before they occur by using Exinda’s patent pending Recommendation Engine

Do you need a software-defined WAN for a better application performance? Check out more for Exinda SD WAN!

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