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GFI OneConnect

GFI OneConnect is a cloud based solution that protects users from spam & malware & manages complete disaster recovery

GFI OneConnect

GFI OneConnect is the newest cloud-based email security and continuity platform.

It was built  to help IT admins protect their business infrastructure and users from email borne threats. Furthermore, it provides a complete disaster recovery solution to support your Exchange server. With its robust feature set, GFI OneConnect is the perfect ally to your on-premise Exchange.


With GFI OneConnect you can:

Enable users to keep on sending and receiving emails without noticing any changes through the enterprise grade mail failover system. In case the Exchange server goes down, users are assured of email continuity.

√ Allow IT admins and users to focus on the important emails and at the same time not being inundated by spam with the powerful and effective business Spam filtering.

√ Relax while the company network is safe, based on the GFI OneConnect feature that blocks email-borne viruses and other malware.

√ Create rules based on the users and their level within the organization, using the granular, user-based email content policy enforcement.

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