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SAP Crystal Server

A complete reporting & dashboarding management solution that enables you to securely view, share & deliver information

SAP Crystal Server

SAP Crystal Server software provides a complete reporting and dashboarding management solution that enables you to securely view,

share, schedule, and deliver interactive information over the Web via e-mail, portals, and Microsoft Office.

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With SAP Crystal Reports Server you get: 

√ Accelerated report design – The report design tool provides innovations such as smart guidelines, which are designed to make it easy to move and resize columns without affecting adjacent columns. 

√ Reports and dashboards on a single server – Securely view, share, schedule, and deliver reports designed with SAP Crystal Reports software and dashboards from SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software. 

√ Zero-client user interface – Infoview gives end users instant, secure access to corporate reports and dashboards over the Web with a single URL. Deploy the out-of-the-box portal or customize it using a portal integration kit.

√ Data-driven publishing – Publish personalized reports such as invoices, statements, and marketing materials to thousands of recipients. You can base a single SAP Crystal Reports document on multiple data sources, personalize it for each recipient, combine multiple documents into a single file (such as Adobe PDF), and distribute it to a dynamic list of recipients.

√ Report scheduler – Set up reports to run at specific times or based on specific events. Plus, schedule reports to generate in specific formats such as Excel, PDF, and RTF.

√ Microsoft Reporting Services – Integrate your existing Microsoft Reporting Services reports into SAP Crystal Server. Your SAP Crystal Dashboard Design content can access data within a Microsoft Reporting Services report, and you can create hyperlinks to existing Microsoft Reporting Services reports from within the SAP Crystal Server portal.

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