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Kingston IronKey

A new chapter of mobile security with a faster and even more secure USB 3.0 flash drive

Kingston IronKey

Kingston IronKey introduces a new chapter of mobile security with a faster

and even more secure USB 3.0 flash drive in a sleek, tamper-resistant IronKey device at capacities of up to 128GB.

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With Kingston IronKey you can:

√ Deploy mobile workers: The protection of mobile data is critical that is why Ironkey was developed, in order to give you a convenient portable storage solution but also the peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe.

Work with large data files: Large data means waiting longer especially for workers who are on the road. With Kingston IronKey S1000 USB 3.0 drives you will no longer worry about that since the read performance reaches up to 400MB/sec.

√ Enhanced Encryption: Kingston IronKey S1000 drives feature hardware-based XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption, which provides more protection than CBC and other block cipher modes. And because many regulations are being updated to require this enhanced encryption, IronKey Basic S1000 drives help you future-proof your compliance efforts

√ Work with larger data sets: With Kingston IronKey S1000 drives, you can store up to 128GB of files and documents - twice the capacity of IronKey 2.0 flash drives.

√ Easily upgrade for centralized management: Need to centrally manage your IronKey devices, including disabling or destroying lost or stolen drives? You can easily upgrade Kingston IronKey S1000 USB 3.0 drives to manageable IronKey Enterprise S1000 drives.Learn more about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

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