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Streamline workflow and reduce unnecessary tasks with tools that automate processes and make your team more efficient

Our solutions will enable you to streamline your workflow, reduce unnecessary tasks, and increase your productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

They will make your day-to-day operation easier, your team more efficient, and will allow you to focus on tasks that are more strategic, the ones that deliver value to your enterprise.


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    Migrate your data between SharePoint Online and Office 365 and your emails from Any 3rd Party Archive to Metalogix Archive Manager
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    Accelerate your entire IT infrastructure (servers, DAS, SAN, VMs) with fragmentation prevention technology and I/O reduction software, while keeping your data safe.
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    Design and deliver meaningful reports based on data from virtually any source, including Microsoft Exchange, in the reporting format of your choice.

Products in this category


Diskeeper Server prevents fragmentation & keeps your systems running like new


A reduction software that improves throughput & reduces latency on existing systems


Control all of your Exchange-based messaging systems


Gain a clear picture of your business through designing & delivering meaningful reports



A complete reporting & dashboarding management solution that enables you to securely view, share & deliver information

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Working closely with the client

Orthology aims at ensuring the security and availability of data and information of every business

All we talk about today is security, from cyber security to data security or end point security.


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