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The industry’s #1 Cloud-based data protection for endpoints and cloud applications


Druva inSync™ delivers unified data protection, management, and information governance across endpoints and cloud applications.

Simplify backup, archival, compliance, and device management

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inSync offers you:

  End point Backup and Archival: inSync puts control back in IT’s hands with integrated tools for end point protection and governance of data across multiple operating systems, networks, and devices while providing a seamless end user experience

  Secure Access and Sharing: Built on Druva’s award-winning converged data protection platform, inSync Share delivers a simple, powerful solution for IT to manage secure internal and external file sharing across the enterprise while providing an intuitive, collaborative user experience

  Data Loss Prevention: When laptops and mobile devices are lost or stolen, corporate data is at risk of breach and leakage. #1 rated inSync provides converged data protection capabilities to protect against data loss, so that users can create and access corporate data in diverse locations while organizations can rest assured that data is protected, no matter what happens to devices

  eDiscovery Enablement: Druva inSync is the industry’s first solution to unify end-user data, so organizations can quickly respond to litigation and investigative requests. By bringing together disparate data sources; laptops, mobile and cloud applications, such as Office 365, legal gets a centralized and actionable view to monitor and search for risks, administer legal holds and provide access for downstream eDiscovery processes — all without impacting employee productivity

  Search and Compliance: Druva inSync is the industry’s first solution to combine user data across laptops, mobile, and cloud applications, such as Office 365, to provide centralized visibility, full-text search, and controls to meet enterprise data governance needs. From a single, unified dashboard, InfoSec and compliance teams can easily search across all end-user data, automate compliance monitoring, and identify data risks — without impacting employee productivity

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Η Orthology στοχεύει στην διασφάλιση της προστασίας και της διαθεσιμότητας των δεδομένων και των πληροφοριών κάθε επιχείρησης.

Σήμερα όλοι μιλάμε για ασφάλεια, από διαδικτυακή ασφάλεια μέχρι ασφάλεια δεδομένων και τερματικών συσκευών.


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