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Secure, automated & manageable file transfer between internal or external users


MOVEit File Transfer offers you secure, automated and manageable file transfer between internal users, external clients or business partners.

With MOVEit you can share large files securily, combining MOVEit Automation, Ipswitch Analytics and Ipswitch Gateway and provides automation, reporting and file encryption.

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With MOVEit you have: 

√ Secure File Transfer: Securely exchange files between partners, clients, systems and users. Establish the audit trail you need to demonstrate compliance with SLAs and data protection regulations. Ensure on-time, encrypted delivery of mission-critical transactions and delivery to the intended recipients

√ Advanced Workflow Automation: Easily develop simple to complex workflows without advanced programming skills. Push and pull files to/from any FTP, Unix, email or file server and network shares - all through an intuitive web interface

√ Compliance Reporting: Streamline compliance audit preparation and SLA reporting. Customize reports, establish distribution lists with fine-grained access control and schedule auto-generated reports for delivery

√ Multi-Layered Security: Ensure the security of file transfer activities. Keep sensitive data, authentication and access information in the secure network behind the firewall.

MOVEit was announced as Leader in the 2019 Software Reviews Data Quadrant for Manage File Transfer

Access the MFT Data Quadrant report!

Case Study

Cityzen Parking & Services S.A. chose MOVEit in order to design and implement a new process of transferring reports from stations to accountants and other stations 


Τhe process of sending reports via email from one department to another and between the same people increased network traffic and additional space consumption in the Mail Server unnecessarily 

Success Highlights

1. Security
• Files are encrypted
• Per User Permissions were granted only to specific folders

2. Storage space-traffic network
• Multiple storage of the same file is removed
• Aborting large files through email reduced traffic over the network

3. Ease of use
• Access to company records in a secure way and from anywhere (inside and outside the company)
• Common volume sharing space
• Automated process 

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