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WSFTP Server

Store, share & transfer information between systems, applications, groups & individuals

WSFTP Server

WS_FTP Server helps you store, share and transfer information between systems, applications, groups and individuals.

You can also access files from web browsers and share files with vendors and partners securely. WS_FTP Server is trusted by thousands of IT teams that want to assure reliable and secure transfer of critical data.

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WS FTP Server includes:

√ Enhanced Security: Building upon its extensive security capabilities, WS_FTP Server includes support for the latest OpenSSL version and updated security protection identified by the OWASP Top Ten

√ Updated Platform Support: WS_FTP Server provides support for the latest platforms including Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014

√ Client Feedback: For rock-solid stability, WS_FTP Server addresses issues reported by clients. Designed to meet the needs of any business – regardless of their level of sophistication – WS_FTP Server offers a wide range of features and solutions, including: Security and Compliance, Powerful Administration, Ultimate Control, Greater Visibility

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