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  has been operating in Greece since 1987 as a member of ICTS Europe Group providing comprehensive security solutions to airlines, airports, ports, shipping companies as well as critical operations.

"One of the key tools to determine the efficiency of business planning is to record and accurately allocate time to cost centers," says Christos Maniatopoulos, Executive Director of ICTS Hellas.

The choice of Orthology to create the check in & check out web application, according to our needs, was based on what we want to achieve and how this can be done through an existing partnership. Our goal and one of our principles is the evaluation and empowerment of our associates.

'The difficulty we encountered in the past involved timely receipt of data from the system used up to then, as well as the exact allocation of time units to these cost centers. In addition, peripheral tools were used to perform the task by mitigating user satisfaction, "says Konstantinos Papadopoulos, ICTS HELLAS Workforce Analyst.

With the need to create an access and tracking platform for timely and accurate data capture, ICTS Hellas has opted for customized application by Orthology. This, combined with the expertise of Orthology and the dedicated team of specialized and certified professionals, gave ICTS Hellas all the confidence it needed.

Panagiotis Spyrakis as Orthology Mobile Application Development Leader led the application design and his team delivered a customized solution with a backend API on Ruby on Rails, managing requests from remote access readers, computing data on employee shifts.

Assessing the collaboration so far with Orthology, satisfaction levels remain particularly high. The key criteria we have for partner evaluation are the ability to respond, the quality and timely delivery of products, and innovation and corporate social responsibility that must be evident in products, "adds Christos Maniatopoulos, Executive Director of ICTS Hellas

√ Adaptability to dynamic business needs
√ User friendliness
√ Recording and exact time allocation in cost centers
√ Watch shifts
√ Export reports
√ Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Working closely with the client

Orthology aims at ensuring the security and availability of data and information of every business

All we talk about today is security, from cyber security to data security or end point security.


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