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  owns, operates and manages liquefied natural gas carriers that support international energy companies. With a fleet of 24 LNG carriers, GasLog needed a network security solution that would maintain uniformity in systems being used both on shore and on ships.

“We were manually managing updates on multiple fleets. We knew there had to be a better solution that fit the needs of our industry and still provided reliability and security.” - Stelios Sabanis, Head of Information Technology, GasLog Ltd.


GasLog soon discovered GFI LanGuard - the award-winning network security scanner with vulnerability and patch management. Following three months of research, GasLog decided to download a 30-day free trial from the GFI website. Soon after downloading the free trial, their local GFI partner (Orthology Ltd) reached out to them to follow-up on their recent experience. 

“They informed us about their need for a patch management solution that would help them have a total view of the missing updates/patches in the network of their main offices, but also in their ships where communication is limited. They were also interested in web reporting for ease of use, centralized reporting and scalability.” - Nefeli Tzika, Sales Consultant, Orthology Ltd.

With the need of a system that could prove reliable with or without internet connectivity, and have the ability to quickly  iagnose vulnerabilities due to missing software patches, and quickly trigger corrective actions, GasLog knew they found the right solution in GFI LanGuard. That, combined with Orthology’s expertise and dedicated team of specialized and certified software professionals and engineers, gave GasLog all the confidence they needed.

Evangelos Papaefthymiou, Orthology’s Solutions Manager, led the planning and installation for GasLog using the Scan and Patch Method. Following the successful implementation of their original purchase of 1,000 IPs, GasLog decided to expand the installation by adding 120 IPs. After successfully completing the configuration of the additional 120 IPs, Orthology arranged a customized session with GasLog’s admin team for hands-on training and overall familiarization with the installation. Upon delivery of the project, as a next step, Orthology was appointed by GasLog to monitor, support and keep the whole installation up to date.

GFI LanGuard instance: GasLog Headquarters purchased: 430 IPs
GFI LanGuard’s capability to perform vulnerability scans and patch management on multiple corporate sites; while creating Vessel Repository of patch updates, definition files, and patch update installer files to be transferred to vessel LanGuard instances provided ease-of use for GasLog.
GFI LanGuard instance: GasLog’s 27 Vessels purchased: 30 IPs per vessels
The deployment of GFI LanGuard vessel instances was standardized and simplified with the creation of a re-usable server image, hosted on Microsoft HYPER-V & VMware virtualization platform. The Vessel Repository was updated on recurring intervals, and was transferred and made available to all of the GFI LanGuard vessel instances.

• Capability to be installed and operated in workgroup mode
• Ability to operate in offline mode (without the need for internet connectivity), for GFI LanGuard installed on
• Agent/Relay technology
• Combined vulnerability scanning and patch management
• Centralized Reporting via CMS: Web based reporting for ease of use, centralized operation, remote/role based access and scalability

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