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As an active and well-respected non-profit in Greece, the Theotokos Foundation is a nurturing organization supporting more than 300 children and young adults each year. The organization works closely with its clients, providing job training in numerous areas including gardening, carpentry and cooking.

To support its activities, the organization engineered a number of custom software tools to be used by teachers, psychologists and other health care professionals to develop and maintain confidential client-tailored services. In addition, the Theotokos Foundation recently migrated to Office 365 for its productivity and collaboration, heavily leveraging Office 365’s email and online calendars across all departments and services. Yet, it needed to improve its data protection and recovery capabilities.

“With Office 365 in place, we still needed to protect the content it contained,” said George Koumarianos, IT Manager, Theotokos Foundation. “For our organization, calendar items and email are critical and needed to be protected. Any loss in access to this information could seriously hinder our ability to provide the highest level of service on which our clients depend. Moreover, we knew that without proper backup, we could lose everything.”

Further highlighting this need, the organization recently experienced a break-in during which a window was broken and a monitor was stolen. Thankfully, sensitive personal information about its clients and their families was not at risk. Yet, it emphasized the criticality of putting an effective data protection and backup plan in place as soon as possible.

With guidance from its trusted IT solutions advisor Orthology, the Theotokos Foundation evaluated multiple products, only to find that they were either too complex or lacked the features the organization required. For instance, Koumarianos found that Veeam Backup for Office 365 seemed to be a better fit for Exchange versus Office 365, but would have been far more complicated to manage. Other products proved to be far too expensive – especially for a non-profit. The organization then evaluated Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 and discovered the solution met all of its needs – from features and functionality to cost.

"From the beginning, we felt confident that Metalogix Essentials was the right solution to address the Theotokos Foundation's Microsoft Office 365 management requirements," said Demi Kyriazi, CEO, Orthology. "And, after successful completion of the free trial our expectations were not just met, but exceeded."

“Metalogix Essentials provided just what we needed to protect our vital information, in an easy to deploy and manage package,” said Koumarianos. “Moreover, right away we could see that it was much more flexible than any other solution we evaluated, and we were ready to buy.”

Metalogix Essentials now enables the Theotokos Foundation to automate the provisioning and management of its Office 365 users and licenses. It gives the non-profit the ability to manage Office 365 while improving adoption and simplifying day-to-day administrative tasks. Delivering a complete platform for the deployment, management and security of Office 365, Essentials also gives the Theotokos Foundation complete backup and granular restore capability for Office 365 data, delivering the protection it needs against accidental deletion, modification or corruption of content.

With Metalogix Essentials in place, the Theotokos Foundation now enjoys complete peace of mind that its data is highly available (HA), reliably protected and ready for fast and simplified recovery if needed.

When asked what advice he would give to colleagues, Koumarianos replied, “That is easy... For anyone looking to improve their Office 365 protection or administration, we recommend Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 as the most full-featured, user-friendly solution.”

What’s Next?
While today Metalogix Essentials is supporting the organization’s email and calendar data, when the Theotokos Foundation is ready to embrace SharePoint as its collaboration and content library platform, it plans to deploy additional Metalogix solution(s). This will enable the non-profit to not only have data that’s optimized for performance and fully protected via advanced backup and DR capabilities, but also ensures that they will have full access and control to further ensure the privacy of the children and families it supports.

“Once our users have been trained on SharePoint, we will also use Metalogix to optimize and protect our SharePoint data in the cloud,” said Koumarianos. “Metalogix has more than proven itself across our Office 365 environment, and we will without hesitation deploy it to support our SharePoint environment as well.”

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